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IMO Comsar Subcommittee

Radio communications and Search and Rescue (COMSAR) Subcommittee

We plan to include radiocommunication, search and rescue information concerning IMO, and these Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Working Group meetings in this library as a public service. We are including COMSAR SOLAS WG meeting agendas and minutes, US input papers intended for the IMO COMSAR Subcommittee, and information concerning the results of these meetings. IMO has recently begun to make selected documents available electronically. We will post IMO documents that pertain to maritime communications, radio navigation, and search and rescue here as they become available.

Input documents to IMO from other countries currently cannot be publicly posted on the Internet, but under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, neither can they be withheld. As a public service to those involved in preparing positions to meetings of the IMO, and those desiring to be involved and informed, we are posting input documents of the Radiocommunications and Search and Rescue Subcommittee, and documents concerning marine electronics from the Safety of Navigation Subcommittee and Maritime Safety Committee, in a restricted World Wide Web folder, on a trial basis. To access this folder, you need a user name and password. If you need this IMO information and are a U.S. citizen, please send your request for the username and password to