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Broadcast Notice to Mariners


To search and retreive BNM messages for an area of interest, begin by clicking on area on USCG District map OR use District Selector.


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NAVCEN is expanding availability of near-real-time Maritime Safety Information (MSI) to all U.S. waterways. Coast Guard districts and sectors will be added steadily over the next year with the intention of expanding to all types of MSI, such as Captain of the Port messages, Urgent Marine Information Broadcasts (UMIB), and other bridge and waterway data once the initial implementation is complete.

Through the free online subscription service, Gov Delivery, mariners can subscribe to selected topics and receive via email, Broadcast Notice to Mariners (BNM) in their chosen geographical area. The online subscription service is in addition to the standard VHF BNM broadcasts which, traditionally, were the only way to receive this vital navigational information. Mariners can now use the subscription service to plan for underway periods and receive updates to navigational hazards in near-real-time without having to wait on scheduled VHF broadcasts. To receive BNMs via email for your waterway of choice, go to our RSS feed page, and select the district or individual sector link, of your choosing and enter your email address. If you have any questions, please contact our team using our Contact Us page.