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Please read this important information regarding the Daily LNM files in XML format:
  • The LNM Daily file contains only DISCREPANCIES and TEMPORARY CHANGES from Section II and Section III of the Local Notice to Mariners (LNM).
  • Contents of the file will not match the weekly LNM exactly because the LNM is a static weekly document while the XML file is created daily.
  • The file contains only OPEN discrepancies and temporary changes.  Once the discrepancy or temp change is corrected, the aid is no longer in the file.
  • The file may not match the BNM Distribution Modernization Pilot project  (currently District 5 only)  because of differing data entry schedules for BNM information at USCG sectors and LNM information at USCG districts.
  • The LNM week designation (first field in the XML File) is changed every Thursday and reflects the last week's LNM designation. The file is updated daily and the date of the current file is listed below.
This file was uploaded on 24 SEP 2021: Daily LNM Disrepancies and Temporary Changes (XML)