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Public Notices for Bridges - Expired

The U.S. Coast Guard uses public notices to notify the public of proposed bridge activities and to solicit comments regarding those activities.

The Public Notices for Bridges - Expired page is updated as bridge-related public notices expire. At the end of each year, the expired notices are transferred to the Archives - Public Notices for Bridges. The notices are available for download in Portable Document File (PDF) Format. You may download the free Adobe Reader.

Click on your area of interest in the map below to see the expired Public Notices for Bridges in your area.


US Map showing CG DistrictsDistrict 7: Southern Atlantic Region District 5: Mid-Atlantic Region District 1: Northeast Atlantic District 9: Great Lakes Area District 8: Western Rivers District 8: Gulf Coast District 14: Hawaii & Guam District 11: Pacific Coast District 17: Alaska District 13: Pacific North West


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