Navigation Center
United States Coast Guard
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Navigation Safety Risk Assessments

The USCG Navigation Center (NAVCEN) conducts Automatic Identification System analysis and modeling in support of Navigation Safety Risk Assessments (NSRAs) at the request of, or in response to, a permitting agency that is considering a project proposal from an applicant that will occur on or near the navigable waters of the United States. The scope and breadth of projects associated with these applications range from simple piers at a local marina, to large waterfront facilities such as liquefied natural gas terminals or offshore wind farms. The USCG Captain of the Port advises the permitting agency of potential impacts to navigation safety that might result from approval of a proposed project. The COTP’s advice might include recommended mitigation to reduce or alleviate hazards to navigation expected because of the proposed project.

NAVCEN Waterways Risk Assessment and Support Division provides geospatial information products that measure or model relative risk to help inform Captains of the Port in fulfilling their NSRA responsibilities. NAVCEN Waterways Risk Assessment and Support Division is continuously working to advance analysis and modeling methods and welcome academic review and conversation from professional maritime risk practitioners regarding the division’s approach and methods of spatial data analysis. NAVCEN Work Instruction 2022-01 provides common tactics, techniques, and procedures employed in NSRAs:

NAVCEN Work Instruction 2022-01 “Waterway Analysis Tactics, Techniques and Procedures”