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The largest icebergs (also referred to as ice islands) originate from the vast ice shelves surrounding Antarctica. The largest known iceberg was from this region. Pictured below is a berg that was roughly the size of the State of Rhode Island. IIP does not track Antarctic Icebergs.

This is a color enhanced satellite photo of the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica before and after the calving of the largest known iceberg.

The largest known iceberg in the North Atlantic off of the coast of Labrador. (Tabular iceberg) The nearby Coast Guard Cutter is approximately 300 ft long.

Largest N. Atlantic berg. Please click on picture for a more detailed description.

The tallest known iceberg in the North Atlantic was 550 ft high, extending out of the water to almost the height of the Washington Monument, it is the tallest iceberg recorded to date. This iceberg was sighted in Melville Bay, Greenland from the ice breaker USCGC Eastwind by CDR Dinsmore in March 1957 in approximate position 75N, 67-30W.

Tallest known N. Atlantic iceberg. Please click on picture for a more detailed description.