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GPS SPS Performance Standard

GPS Technical References

GPS Satellite Antenna Panel Patterns

These documents describe technical characteristics of the antenna panels on the GPS Block IIR and Block IIR-M satellites. The satellite manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, compiled the information based on its design specifications and ground test measurements of the antenna panels. This link to LockHeed Martin's GPS Antenna page does not construe in any manner an endorsement of any company products or views.

IS-GPS-200 Navstar GPS Space Segment/Navigation User Interfaces
IS-GPS-800 Navstar GPS Space Segment/User Segment L1C Interface
IS-GPS-705 Navstar GPS Space Segment/User Segment L5 Interface
ICD-GPS-240 Navstar GPS Control Segment to User Support Community Interface
ICD-GPS-870 Navstar Next Generation GPS Control Segment (OCX) to User Support Community Interface
ICD-GPS-060 GPS User Equipment (Phase III) Interface Control Document for the Precise Time and Interval (PTTI)
GPS User Equipment Introduction