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GPS Augmentation Study (Word 97)
GPS Augmentation Study (Adobe Acrobat)(PDF)

Title: A Technical Report to the Secretary of Transportation on a National Approach to Augmented GPS Services.


Executive Summary - Early in 1993, the Secretaries of Defense and Transportation recognized the expanding utility of the Navstar Global Positioning System (GPS) for both military and civilian applications. The Secretaries chartered a Joint Task Force to assess the growing utility of the system and make recommendations for expanding civil use. In December 1993, the Joint Task Force concluded its deliberations an reported its findings and recommendations to the Secretaries. Included in the Task Force report was a recommendation for a study of all differential GPS (DGPS) services under development or deployment to determine the optimum integrated approach to providing augmented GPS services. In response to the Task Force recommendation, the Department of Transportation (DOT), with the support of the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Commerce (DOC), undertook a study to evaluate the capabilities of various means of augmenting GPS and to determine the optimum integrated system for meeting the requirements of Federal land, marine, aviation, and space users. This report presents the findings of that study.