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NOTE TO ALL USERS: If you are experiencing difficulty in submitting this Historical Data Request Form, click here to contact us and report the issue.

Processing and delivery times vary depending on the complexity of the request, size of geographic area, length of time requested, and availability of staff.

Click here. to view examples of typical historical data requests with estimated processing times based on the type of formatting selected. Please note that the data processing times DO NOT include the approval processing time. It could take up to 10 additional business days to receive final approval for each request.

All fields indicated by an asterisk are required for a valid submission. Please review the AIS Data Sharing Categories and Requirements .

*Requesting Level A or Level B Entity Name
(include office symbol and Address):

Automatic default of the current date that cannot be changed.

(10 digit number)
(10 digit number)

*Do you have GIS capabilities?


*In what format (AIS DATA Formats) would you prefer to receive the data? Please check the appropriate box(es) as they apply to your specific request. (Please keep in mind that the processing time/level of effort (LOE) may increase with each additional option selected.)


(Standard for Interface Marine Electronic Devices in
non-human readable format)


(Spreadsheet, database, text viewer)


( Density Plot)


(Google Earth/ArcGIS Explorer)

Sample Rate


(required for NMEA format)

Sample Rate refers to the interval length between position reports used in the creation of each individual request.

For alternate methods of receiving your HDR data set results, please see AIS HDR Delivery Methods.


NOTE: We can provide up to three (3) years of AIS data beginning approximately from today's date. Please indicate your desired date range.

calendar icon calendar icon

Optional - Specify time frame in ZULU/UTC format: ZULU ZULU
Example: Start Time: 0000Z End Time: 02359Z. Click here for the Time Conversion Table
(All AIS data is stored in ZULU/UTC format.)


Customers should plan for a minimum of 45 days processing time. To ensure all protocols are met and the best available data is retrieved, each data request must be approved, processed and analyzed individually.

calendar icon

If your data request requires special processing (i.e., earlier delivery date, different formats, narrowed criteria, etc.), please note this information in the "Additional Comments" text box below.


Defined Box:

To define a box, please enter the Decimal and Degrees(DD) of requested location in the following fields. Note: Please enter numbers only. If you need assistance in converting to Decimal and Degrees, please click HERE.

(Any value from -90.000000 to +90.000000. Ex: 59.123456)

(Any value from -180.000000 to +180.000000. Ex.: 132.123456)

(Any value from -90.000000 to +90.000000. Ex.: 75.123477)

(Any value from -180.000000 to +180.000000. Ex.: 169)

(e.g., New York Harbor, Lower Mississippi River, or UNKNOWN):


(preferred identifier) for your request.

(i.e. Vessel Name, IMO, or Call Sign):

(i.e, vessels traveling at a certain speed, vessels heading in certain directions, certain draft, fishing, at anchor, etc.):

If you experience any issues in submitting this request, please Contact Us.

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