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See the Charter, Officials, Country Reports, Proceedings and DGNSS Information


1.  Introduction

The Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC) has existed since 1987 to promote the exchange of information about the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS) among the worldwide civil user community. The U.S. Department of Transportation Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy chairs the CGSIC. The Deputy Chair is the Commanding Officer of the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center. The CGSIC has several Sub-committees. Read more...

International Information Subcommittee Officials


  • John Wilde
    DW International, UK

Regional Vice-Chairs:

  • Europe
    Prof. František Vejrazška
    Vice - Rector
    Czech Technical University in Prague
    Czech Republic
  • Australia / Pacific Islands
    Temporarily Vacant
    AirServices Australia, Australia
  • Asia
    Hiroshi Nichiguchi
    Japan GPS Council, Japan
  • North America
    Mike Swiek
    U.S. GPS Industry Council

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Country Reports

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The following are the minutes of the meetings of IISC:

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DGNSS Reference and Transmitting Stations List

The DGNSS Reference and Transmitting Stations List is published by the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA). This is the latest document and was published in August of 1999. The U.S. Coast Guard makes no claims as to the validity or accuracy of the information contained in this list. Page 49 of the document describes how to submit updates/corrections to the DGNSS list.

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