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America's Waterway Watch See Something Say Something
America's Waterway Watch See Something Say Something!

Practice Your Visual NAVRULES!

Presented below is a randomly selected visual NAVRULE problem from our flashcard database. In many cases, what is presented are words or phrases, and you should think of the definition or definitions that meet the condition(s) of the words or phrases. Then, click on the image to obtain the correct answer(s).

navRules - Flash Card Question

News and Notices:

Item: Get the latest News and Updates RSS Feeds (LNMs, LL Corrections)
Item: A Federal Register Notice (FRN) has been published to seek comment from the general public and industry regarding plans by the United States Air Force to broadcast pre-operational L2C and L5 civil navigation (CNAV) messages from certain GPS satellites beginning in April 2014. You may read the PDF version of the FRN on the website.
Item: The 2014 Light Lists have been published and are now available for download from our website.
Item: Beginning this February and in the subsequent months, the Coast Guard and other USCG approved entities (i.e. U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Marine Exchange of Alaska, NOAA) will begin transmitting AIS Aids to Navigation messages and additional electronic marine safety information via AIS for testing and evaluation. Exactly where, when and what will be announced in future Local Notices to Mariners. For more information see our AIS ATON Special Notice.
Item: The recent L2C and L5 CNAV GPS testing is now complete.  Any users that experienced problems during the test period should contact their appropriate liaison as soon as possible.  A General NANU has been published with complete contact information. You may also view and download all test data as well as view the test plan.
Item: Effective 01 August, 2013, the USCG will terminate its radio guard of the international voice distress, safety and calling frequency 2182 kHz and the international digital selective calling (DSC) distress and safety frequency 2187.5 kHz. Please see the Safety Alert regarding this termination.
Item: The 2012 Federal Radionavigation Plan (FRP) has been published and is available for download from our navigation publications and documents page.
Item: In response to the situation at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, the U.S. Coast Guard recommends, as a precaution, that vessels avoid transiting within 20 kilometers/10.8 nautical miles of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant (37°25.5'N, 141°02.0'E) the latest HYDROPAC / NAVAREA XII. (PDF, 114kB)
Item: A SPECIAL NOTICE has been published advising that calls to the Coast Guard on the international radiotelephone distress frequency 2182 kHz may not be reliably received by the Coast the notice here.
Item: CONSUMER ALERT: Using or importing cell jammers, GPS jammers, or other jamming devices is illegal. Please read Public Notice Doc. 39135/1, which is a consumer alert advising consumers of the law and penalties regarding jamming.