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Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment Workshop Guide

This guide outlines the procedures and guidance required for planning and conducting a Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment (PAWSA) for United States ports and waterways.

Although the guide provides the information and material needed to complete a port risk assessment, success depends upon the initiative and skill of the personnel assigned to the facilitation team, broad experience of the participants, and a proactive sponsor.

Cover Page and Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Methodology

Chapter 2 Appendix A - Converting Risk Model Scores
Chapter 2 Appendix B - PAWSA Risk Assessment Tool

Chapter 3 - Preliminary Logistics

Chapter 3 Appendix A - Statement of Work
Chapter 3 Appendix B - Logistics Schedule Checklist
Chapter 3 Appendix C - Workshop Floor Plan

Chapter 4 - Participants
Chapter 4 Appendix A - Participant Schedule Checklist
Chapter 4 Appendix B - Interest Groups
Chapter 4 Appendix C - Invitation Letter
Chapter 4 Appendix D - Read Ahead Material
Chapter 5 Appendix B: Workshop Equipment Checklist
Chapter 5 Appendix C: Workshop Agenda
Chapter 5 Appendix D: Facilitation Team Contact List
Chapter 5 Appendix E: Waterway Risk Model
Chapter 5 Appendix F: Waterway Risk Model Explanation
Chapter 5 Appendix G: Risk Factor Mitigations
Chapter 5 Appendix H: Glossary of Terms
Chapter 5 Appendix I: Workshop Critique
Chapter 5 Appendix J: Participant Folder Labels
Chapter 5 Appendix K: Book 1: Baseline Risk Levels
Chapter 5 Appendix M: Book 3: Mitigation Effectiveness
Chapter 5 Appendix N: Book 4: Additional Interventions
Chapter 5 Appendix O: Workshop Name Tags
Chapter 5 Appendix P: Workshop Name Tents
Chapter 5 Appendix Q: Attendee Contact List
Chapter 6 Appendix A: Pre-Workshop Meeting Agenda
Chapter 6 Appendix B: Facilitator Agenda Review
Chapter 6 Appendix C: PAWSA Day One Brief
Chapter 6 Appendix D: PAWSA Day Two Brief
Chapter 6 Appendix E: List of Slides
Chapter 7 Appendix A: Workshop Critique Analysis
Chapter 7 Appendix B: Thank You Letter