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News and Notices:

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Item: FCC Enforcement Advisory: It is illegal to sell, purchase or use non-certified radio devices in the U.S. The Federal Communication Commission has issued an enforcement advisory reiterating this to sellers, advertisers, and operators, particularly regarding noncertified Automatic Identification System devices used on fish net buoys. The Coast Guard will assist the FCC in enforcing the law.  Read more in the Maritime Commons Blog.
Item: In an effort to modernize the GPS constellation, modifications are being made to the GPS space and ground control segment. These changes should be transparent to IS-GPS-200 compliant receivers, however, commercial and civilian users who experience impacts are encouraged to contact the Navigation Center or by phone at (703) 313-5900.
Item: Reports of GPS problems submitted by the public are now available on NAVCEN’s website. Read the full CGSIC Bulletin describing the disclosure process, report findings, and data fields in the report.
Item: Announcement of the annual Public Interface Control Working Group and public forum to address changes to GPS public interface documents has been published. On 12 September 2018 the GPS Program Office will propose several changes to the Public Interface Control Documents concerning GPS users. GPS users, equipment manufacturers, and other stakeholders are encouraged to attend and participate in the process.