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Required information

When submitting your FOIA request for AIS Historical Data in writing, please include the following information:

1. Data Output Format:
  • Any available AIS data will be provided in its orginial format.
2. Period of Interest (From and To Dates):
  • Please include the timeframe (Zulu format).  If no timeframe is provided, we will assume the entire day is requested which may impact the approval of your total request.
3. Area of Interest:
  • Please include a brief general description (e.g., New York Harbor or lower Mississippi River)
  • Please define your boxed coordinates using either:
    • Degrees, Minutes, Seconds –
      • Upper right latitude
      • Upper right longitude
      • Lower left latitude
      • Lower Left longitude
    • Decimal, Degrees –
      • Upper right latitude
      • Upper right longitude
      • Lower left latitude
      • Lower left longitude
4. Vessel Information:

If you are looking for specific vessel information, we require the Maritime Mobile Service Idendity (MMSI) number(s) to accurately retrieve the information.


The fee is based on the amount of data requested and the Level of Effort (LOE) involved in obtaining your data.  If a substantial amount of data is request, it could result in fees over $250.  Your request will be evaluated and we will provide you with an approximate cost for the AIS DATA.

Data Restrictions
Release of AIS Data is dependent on whether the disclosure will risk the circumvention of statute and regulation associated with statutorily authorized law enforcement missions and/or if a specific FOIA exemption applies. 
BFT/STEDS information will normally be filtered from all non-governmental Level B Entity and public requests for AIS Historical Data.